Projects and initiatives of Enviromental Protection fund for year 2020

  • Installing mooring buoys around coral reefs in kubbar island and umm almaradim island.

Project goal: Preserving coral reefs and marine life of kubbar island and umm almaradim island and providing safe mooring buoys for seafarers.

  • Install an irrigation network and water tanks in Jahra Reserve.

Project goal: reconstructing North of Jahra Reserve by increasing the green area and producing Plane belt.

  • “Every day Kashta 2”.

Project goal: Documenting wildlife in the outer areas of Kuwait and its geological and natural manifestations and documenting them through recording cultural episodes shown on television stations.

  • Saad Reserve Fencing.

Project goal: Protecting the plants in the reserve by making a fence to prevent overgrazing and increase the vegetation cover.

  • Install an irrigation network in Jahra Reserve (level 2).

Project goal: Protecting the area from encroachments and negative practices by land-goers, and completing the project to rehabilitate the Jahra Reserve and increase the vegetation cover in that area.