Projects and initiatives of Enviromental Protection fund for year 2021

  • One million eco-friendly bags campaign.

Project goal: distributing eco-friendly bags with the participation of all supermarkets co-ops, as a means of raising awareness of the importance of using eco-friendly bags in the society to limit the use of plastic.

  • “Every day Yal”.

Project goal: Documenting wildlife in the marine areas of Kuwait and its geological and natural manifestations and documenting them through recording cultural episodes shown on television stations.

  • Establishing nurseries to grow plants in Jahra Reserve.

Project goal: establishment of three nurseries in the Jahra Nature Reserve (two for fungal plants and one for coastal plants).As through this project, all the fungal plants and mangrove trees that are intended to rehabilitate the coastal environment in Kuwait will be germinated, one of these nurseries will be a cooler for the germination of wild and desert plants, the second will be a meadow for grading and preparing the wild and desert plants before planting them on the site,and the third will be for mangroves.

  • The initiative of waste removal and retrieve sunken ships and boats in the Kuwait Sea (first phase).

Project goal: protecting the marine environment, securing shipping lanes, and saving marine creatures from pollution through operations represented by removing waste and salvaging sunken boats and ships in the Kuwaiti marine environment from ports, shipping lanes, sea beds, islands, coral reefs and the sea in general.