Projects and initiatives of Enviromental Protection fund for year 2022

  • Installing irrigation in Saad reserve.

Project objective: To preserve plants and trees in the reserve and not be exposed to water shortages, also rehabilitating the reserve as a habitat for some unique plants, animals, birds and organisms and increasing the proportion of vegetation cover and preserving biodiversity.

  • Planting 10,000 seedling in Jahra reserve .

Project objective: Rehabilitating the reserve, creating new ecosystems, increasing the vegetation cover in the reserve, and considering the State of Kuwait as an environmentally friendly country.

  • Reverse vending machines Initiative.

Project objective: Increasing environmental awareness in the community, given that plastic is harmful to the environment, and the importance of recycling these plastic materials due to their harmful effects on the Kuwaiti environment.

  • Flowering and installing seedling in Jahra reserve.

Project objective: Establishing two nurseries in Saad Reserve to cultivate and germinate all the fungal plants to be rehabilitated in the desert environment, first one is the establishment of a cooled nursery for the germination of fungal plants and the second nursery will be a garden for grading and preparing the fungal plants before planting them on the site.

  • Constructing 3 wells (1 in Saad Reserve, 2 in Jahra Reserves).

Project objective: Providing a permanent source of water to irrigate plants, maintain biodiversity and increase vegetation cover.

  • Kel Youm Nabta Initiative.

Project objective: creating a documentary program about the wildlife in The State of Kuwait and Its geological and natural features where it will be shown on the television.

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