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Rehabilitation and Follow-up of Consulting Offices Section

Tasks and Specializations:

  • Determine the mechanism of work between the authority and the licensing authority represented by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Municipality of Kuwait to approve those environmental advisory offices, updating that mechanism periodically, and coordinating with relevant authorities such as the Supreme Council for Planning and Development and the Kuwait Society of Engineers.
  • Update the accreditation booklet in accordance with the emerging requirements, provide it in a CD and sell it to those who wish.
  • Study the data of applicants for accreditation or renewal, and make field visits to verify the validity of the submitted data, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Submit the data of applicants for accreditation, renewal or update to the competent authority, with a recommendation to this effect attached.
  • Evaluating and classifying the consulting offices engaged in any environmental activity according to the scientific experience, the number and experience of environmental cadres working for the office, the number and type of studies carried out by the office, and the number and type of technical devices and equipment used by the office.
  • Follow-up to the consultative offices operating in the environmental field, and coordinate with the departments of the Environmental Public Authority concerned with reviewing environmental impact assessment studies in order to evaluate the performance of those offices.
  • Follow-up of collection of fees for the approval and renewal of consulting offices.
  • Carry out field visits to the sites and headquarters of advisory offices working in the environmental field.
  • Preparing studies and plans on the qualification and follow-up of consulting offices operating in the environmental field.
  • Prepare the department's annual work plan and budget and present it to the director of the department.
  • Preparing periodic reports of the activities and achievements of the department and submitting them to the director of the department.