A Brief About Authority

The Environment Public Authority has established according to decision no. 21 for the year 1995 and modified under no.16 for the year 1996 and in 2014, the new protection law of the environment has issued and hold a number 42 for the year 2014 and modified with some of provisions in the law no.99 for the year 2015 which states the following:

The public authority for environment its general authority which it is consideration personality and it has a budget and caring with environment affairs and it has the general control on the environment affairs in the country and followed with council minister and honored by the higher council for the environment.

The authority specializes with performing all the works and sponsor tasks with environment protection in the country and according to the following are :

  • Create and apply the general policy for the country in this regard to protect the environment and put the strategies and work plans for environment protection and preserve the natural resources and environment regulation and achieve the sustainable development aims.
  • Facing off the environmental disasters and construct and develop date base for environment collectively for the country.
  • Prepare and supervision on executing complete work plans includes all the related with environment protection in the near and long term by coordination with concerned devices in the country.
  • Supervision on the activities and actions and concerned practices with environment protection.
  • Prepare projects laws and lists and regulations and requirements that related by environment protection and following the execution.
  • Participate in supporting the researches and environmental studies and maintain the recourses.
  • Locate the environmental problems and suggest the suitable solutions.
  • Study the national agreements that concerned with environment affairs.
  • Develop and execute full environmental surveys and continues monitoring programs for the standards and environmental indicators.
  • Create a general framework for the programs environmental awareness.
  • Following the new updates in the national law in protection environment aspect .

As keeping on the environment and health coming in advance the priorities of the authority whereas it has a concerned departments with putting the plans and the programs which amid to protect the outside air and environmental marine and coasty and ground environment and biological diversity and asset the impact environment and there is a big role performing by general relations department and environmental awareness whereas the process need to keep on the environment and health to fix the environmental awareness with all by the difference of genders and ages with an important of that and the term of connecting the clean environment with general health and safety and trying to fix these good actions toward to the environment to the children because they are future youth .