Coastal Environment Projects

Research project of complete management for developing the coasts in Kuwait

It is a joint project between the Public Authority for Environment and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, through which the Coastal Monitoring and Desertification Department seeks to develop and implement a national plan for integrated coastal zone management through achieving institutional coordination and involving stakeholders. The first phase of the project (Organizing Coastal Environmental Sectors) ended in 2000, and the current project constitutes the second phase, which has a duration of three years and is titled (Establishment of the regulatory framework). Among the most important stages that the project will include in its current phase are the completion of collecting and updating data on the coastal environment, managing and analyzing data on the coastal environment through the application of geographic information technology (GIS), setting up systems and regulations for the coastal environment, developing a continuous monitoring plan and optimal project systems, and will also include training national cadres In the Environment Public Authority at various stages of the project.