Coastal and Desertification Monitoring Department

Tasks and Specializations:

  • Prepares research plans, programs and projects for the land and coastal environment.
  • Follow-up of the implementation of the provisions of local laws and international agreements on tackling the problem of desertification and protecting the coastal environment and wetlands (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification - Ramsar Convention on Wetlands).
  • Preparing technical reports on the current environmental situation of the land and coastal environment, its components, and desertification.
  • Preparing all plans and programs for identifying pollution sources and sources for coastal sediments and means of combating them.
  • Determine all sources of damages and encroachments on the land and coastal environment and set the necessary plans and programs to control the sources of encroachments and work to reduce them.
  • Monitoring and assessing the environmental status of the land and coastal environment.
  • Applying the provisions of articles of Law No. (42) of 2014 on protecting the environment in coordination with the concerned authorities in the country.

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