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The human being can, with what God has bestowed on the grace of the mind, to harness nature in his favor with its vital components, such as plants and animals, in addition to its non-vital components, such as air, water, and soil, and the human being, of course, an integral part of this system. Since time immemorial, the relationship between man and their environment has formed a simple relationship associated with simple agriculture and limited hunting, to gradually take on a depleting character with technological development in recent years.

It is very necessary that all the objects and natural resources on earth be considered within the wealth that must be preserved and not consumed in a way that threatens their existence, for example there are more than 800 species of organisms that have already become extinct, mostly due to the loss or deterioration of their environments. Five thousand other species are likely to face the threat of extinction, unless efforts are made to protect them.

Therefore, the relationship of a person and his environment must be shaped by a balanced ecosystem. Any disappearance of a type that is affected by pollution or when a depletion of a natural resource occurs will cause a defect that is difficult to repair.

Who are us:

The Department for the Conservation of Biodiversity is one of the technical departments of the Environmental Public Authority. The Department for the Conservation of Biodiversity is concerned with controlling and monitoring biological diversity, which is known as the variation of living organisms derived from all sources, including terrestrial and marine ecosystems, aquatic organisms, and the components of ecosystems that are part of it, and this includes diversity within species and between species and ecosystems. It also prepares national strategies and plans related to the conservation and protection of biological diversity through coordination with the relevant authorities in the State of Kuwait. The department also monitors the obligations of the State of Kuwait towards international and regional agreements related to the preservation of biological diversity, to which the State of Kuwait has regulated.

Tasks and Specializations:

  • Preserving living resources and ecosystems from all types of environmental pollution.
  • The administration is concerned with developing strategies and controlling and monitoring biological diversity in the State of Kuwait.
  • Follow up the implementation of the State of Kuwait's obligations towards the conventions related to biological diversity.

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