Engineering Affairs Department

Tasks and Specializations:

  • Securing the authority’s needs for projects, engineering, maintenance, and technical services.
  • Adopting the discretionary plans and budgets of the affiliated departments, and setting up mechanisms for following up these plans and budgets.
  • General supervision of the studies carried out by the departments affiliated to the department in determining the authority's needs for projects, construction, maintenance and technical services.
  • General supervision of the relationship of the authority with contractors and consultants, and the representation of the authority in this regard to ensure the integrity and validity of this relationship in a manner beneficial to the authority.
  • Prepare special and detailed specifications for engineering designs, spare parts, tools, machines and technical devices necessary for the work of the department.
  • Providing protection and safety systems for all of the authority's installations and facilities according to the nature of its work and applying security instructions in emergency situations.
  • Approving the instructions for settling the accounts of contractors and consultants and transferring them to the financial department to take the necessary measures.
  • Participate in the work of technical committees and task forces to evaluate suppliers' offers, follow up on their work and receive them.
  • Study the projects proposed for implementation in the authority, in terms of engineering and economic feasibility, and approve them in the early stages of them.
  • Collecting the authority’s projects and construction needs, and compiling them in the form of long-term plans and annual plans.
  • Setting technical specifications and requirements for the required engineering works in accordance with the requirements of the requesting authority and participating in preparing tender documents and contract formulas related to engineering works in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
  • Preparing documents and documents for the authority’s projects to be presented in public tenders.
  • Follow up on the stages of implementing projects technically, and represent the authority at the implementation sites.
  • Checking all "change orders" proposed in the projects under implementation, after discussing them with the specialized engineers on the one hand and the contractors and consultants on the other hand, in a way that would benefit the authority.
  • To suggest means to develop and improve engineering services through studies and meetings with officials in the authority concerned.
  • Prepare the annual estimated budget for the department including work plans and programs, and follow up on its approval and implementation.
  • Preparing periodic and annual follow-up reports on the department's activities, achievements, results of its work and proposals for developing the department's work systems.

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