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The Office of the General Manager has been concerned in general with performing all the tasks and responsibilities necessary for managing and managing the affairs of the authority, organizing the workflow in a way that ensures regularity and good performance in all its sectors, and representing the authority before the judiciary and in its relations with others, all in accordance with the provisions of the law and applicable and applicable regulations and regulations. It specializes in particular with the following:

  • Issuing the necessary regulations and decisions after the approval of the Board of Directors to implement the provisions of the Environmental Protection Law, except for Chapter One of Chapter Four thereof.
  • Effective participation with all sectors of the authority in setting its main goals and identifying sub-goals and distributing them to the various sectors and departments, as well as setting work plans and implementation programs and adopting them in a way that achieves the goals specified therein.
  • Setting the organizational structure of the authority in preparation for submitting it to the board of directors for approval, and then to the Supreme Council for Accreditation.
  • Prepare the annual budget for the authority in preparation for submission to the Board of Directors for approval, and then to the Higher Council for approval.
  • Implementing and following up on the implementation of decisions issued by the authority, the board of directors, and the Supreme Council.
  • Requesting any data, information and documents it deems necessary from any public or private body that engages in an activity that pollutes the environment, and has the right to authorize whom it deems necessary in this regard.
  • Issuing all the necessary decisions regarding appointment (in the ranks of public jobs or one of the contracts), transfer, assignment, promotion and termination of employee services and other relevant administrative and financial decisions, within the framework of the provisions of the laws, decisions, regulations and regulations established.
  • Issuing the necessary decisions regarding the identification of employees from the authority or other relevant administrative authorities who are required to carry out the inspections required by the implementation of the law and the regulations and decisions implementing it except for Chapter One of Chapter Four thereof and to establish what crimes occur in violation of its provisions, and these employees have the status of judicial control..
  • Issue the necessary decisions regarding the deletion or addition of any ozone-depleting substances in accordance with the provisions of international agreements and related protocols in this regard.
  • Issuing the necessary decisions regarding the prohibition of trafficking in endangered fungal organisms or any part thereof or their products mentioned in the relevant international agreements, after coordination with the competent authorities in the country.
  • Assigning employees to perform tasks or tasks related to the authority inside or outside the country, and the period of assignment is considered official working days.
  • Authorization to authorize the employee to perform work for others with or without pay or compensation, even in non-official working hours.
  • Authorize the employee's written permission to provide or publish any information about works that should be kept confidential in nature or according to special instructions.
  • Establishing conditions and procedures for proving the validity of the subject of the probationary period in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Approval of granting employee all kinds of vacations (whether with salary, half salary, or no salary).
  • Signing contracts concluded by the Ministry with other parties, checks issued by the authority, transfers and correspondence related to bank guarantees and opening documentary credits.
  • Referral to investigate violations committed by the authority's employees and to impose appropriate penalties, in accordance with the regulations and rules in force in this regard.
  • Granting the violator, the conditions and standards stipulated in the Environmental Protection Law or its executive regulations - except for the first chapter of Chapter Four - a period not exceeding thirty (30) days to correct its violation and on the condition that this does not result in serious damage.
  • Implementing and following up on the implementation of all the provisions of international and regional environmental agreements and fulfilling all of their obligations.
  • Study and evaluate the administrative and organizational conditions in the authority and prepare the appropriate plans for development in a manner that achieves the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative performance of the authority.
  • Forming one or more staff affairs committees and defining their terms of reference.
  • Preparing periodic and annual follow-up reports on the authority’s activities, achievements and results of its work, to be submitted to the authority’s board of directors, including suggestions and recommendations for developing the authority’s work systems and programs and facing obstacles and problems that may interfere with the workflow.

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