Information System Center

Tasks and Specializations:

  • Study and organize operational equipment and systems.
  • Implementation of the optimal use of computers.
  • Managing purchase and maintenance contracts to operational and application equipment and programs and maintaining the security and safety of equipment and operational programs
  • Selecting and providing the methods and techniques needed by the Technical Support Department.
  • Supervising information and data systems structures.
  • Design and implement systems that serve environmental information and benefit from them in the departments of the authority and prepare a time schedule for implementing operating systems.
  • Study the local market of information programs and systems and provide advisory services for operating systems and operational devices for the authority’s departments.
  • Providing support services and training to the systems when needed.
  • Prepare the annual work plan and the proposed operational budget for the department and present it to the Deputy Director General for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Technical Support Services.
  • Preparing periodic technical reports regarding automated systems.

Sections of this department: