Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment Department

The severe and persistent depletion of natural resources and their misuse of natural resources exposes the environment to the risk of degradation. Hence, rational and balanced use in a way that achieves the greatest benefit on the one hand and the greatest protection of the environment on the other hand is an imperative and strategic necessity.

From this standpoint, the importance of environmental planning that places environmental protection and conservation in the priority area when using natural resources is highlighted. The environmental impact assessment is one of the foundations on which environmental planning is based to achieve the goals of the country's development plans that ensure the achievement of sustainable development.

Whereas, Article (16) of the Environmental Protection Law No. 42 of 2014 issued in the newspaper “Kuwait Today” No. 1192 July 2014 and its amendments confirms the interest of the state in this aspect and in the light of which the Planning and Assessment of the Environmental Impact Department was established as one of the technical departments in the organizational structure of the General Authority for the environment. What made legislation related to environmental impact assessment binding and binding requirements for any development or industrial project.

Also, the recent trend that the Environment Public Authority seeks to achieve in coordination with the concerned authorities in the country is to introduce the concept of assessing the strategic environmental impact at the level of planning and include it within the development plan of the state and the structural plan for the state to achieve the vision of Kuwait 2040.


Legislations related to assessing the environmental impact in the State of Kuwait


Implementing Item No. (14) of Article Seven of the Environmental Protection Law No. (42) of 2014 as amended by Law No. (99) of 2015, which states the following:

"Preparing a system for assessing the environmental impact of various state projects, developing guidelines, necessary procedures, and expressing an opinion on them before approving their implementation from the relevant authorities."

This is in addition to Article (16) which states:

“All entities subject to the provisions of this law are prohibited from starting any project or making any amendments or extensions to existing activities or obtaining any licenses to do so except after conducting an environmental impact assessment study in accordance with the regulations, conditions and procedures determined by the executive regulations of this law.”


The Specializations of Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment Department:

  • Review the studies of the environmental impact assessment of development and industrial projects proposed by the government, private and joint sectors, with setting environmental requirements and requirements when giving environmental approvals for those projects.
  • The use of local environmental experts and consultants and coordination with the competent technical departments in the authority to express an opinion on the projects presented to the administration in addition to coordination with the project owners regarding the projects under study.
  • Carrying out field visits to the sites of development and industrial projects presented to the administration with the aim of monitoring and environmental control of these projects during and after implementation to ensure the application of environmental requirements and controls.
  • Coordination with the various state agencies (government, private and joint sector) regarding commitment to the environmental impact assessment studies mentioned in Resolution No. (2) for the year 2015 to issue an environmental and social impact assessment system in the State of Kuwait - Kuwait Today newspaper - Supplement No. 1265 issued on 12/7 / 2015.
  • Preparing guidelines for environmental impact assessment studies for development and industrial projects in all project sectors to assist consultative bodies when conducting these studies.
  • Determining and following up the collection of fees in return for reviewing the studies of the environmental impact of projects presented to management in various sectors.
  • Providing the environmental opinion regarding the development projects included in the annual development plan for the State of Kuwait, which the Environment Public Authority responds to by the various state agencies, and following up the work mechanism followed on the procedures for submitting studies for assessing the environmental impact of projects affiliated with those agencies and preparing environmental requirements for them.
  • Follow up on environmental control plans and environmental monitoring reports that are prepared by environmental consultancy offices for the benefit of project owners.
  • Activating the role of environmental control by inspecting the existing projects and facilities in order to ensure their compliance with the environmental requirements and standards mentioned in the executive regulations of the Environmental Protection Law.
  • Coordination with the Public Authority of Industry to reduce procedures and reduce the documentary cycle of environmental approvals for industrial projects.
  • Coordination with the Kuwait municipality and the Public Authority for Industry regarding the settlement of industrial crafts.
  • Activate the electronic link between the Environment Public Authority and the Public Authority for Industry.
  • Preparing engineering and environmental requirements for the sectors of development and industrial projects.
  • Organizing the industrial and crafts areas in the State of Kuwait in coordination with the Kuwait Municipality and the Public Authority for Industry.

About the department:

The Department of Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment is one of the largest technical departments in the Environment Public Authority and consists of three sections:

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