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A Brief about the Office

Law No21 is given for the year 95 and amended under No. 16/1996 which established the establishment of the General Authority for the Environment granted the powers necessary to address various environmental issues, in particular supporting research and studies in the environmental field, as the fifth paragraph of Article (3) of the aforementioned law provided for the encouragement and support of research and studies programs Diverse environmental and enrich the environmental research work by providing financial and technical support to conduct it with the aim of providing data and information in various environmental fields and the establishment of a database on the problems faced by the environment and finding appropriate solutions to them in addition to creating a national cadre of researchers In the field of environmental work, in addition to the new Environmental Protection Law No. 42 of 2014 and amended under No. 99 of 2015, where Article 7 item No. 5 provides for the preparation and participation in directing and supporting research and studies in the field of environmental protection, the maintenance of its resources, the achievement of environmental development, the follow-up to the evaluation of its results and implementation Recommendations issued by it through the concerned authorities in the country.

Office vision

The Office of Research and Studies is looking forward to achieving its vision in full by providing data on the various fields of the environment and clarifying the problems that the environment suffers from in the State of Kuwait and the solutions directed to its solution, as well as making use of the results of research and studies to assess the cumulative effects on the local and regional environment in the long term.

Massage for the office

  • It is based on supporting research and development in the environmental field in the State of Kuwait by highlighting local environmental problems and developing recommendations for solving them in a way that ensures a later transformation towards securing a green economy based on science and knowledge, so that recommendations of scientific research and objective studies are applied to enhance the efficiency of resource use and reduce carbon emissions and waste Pollution, prevent loss of biodiversity, and degradation of the ecosystem.
  • The Office of Research and Studies strives to achieve short-term and other long-term goals represented by encouraging environmental scientific research in the State of Kuwait by funding research and studies in order to form an environmental data base that contributes to solving problems and taking appropriate decisions regarding them, as well as strengthening the environmental information system through the data in Studies and benefit from them as one of the state's information sources.

Tasks and Specializations of the researches and studies office:

  • Preparing and implementing field survey studies on the priorities of environmental research.
  • Preparing and implementing research plans, programs and priorities aimed at protecting the environment and developing it, in coordination with the research authorities in the country.
  • Preparing the annual programs of research carried out by the authority based on the budget for research.
  • Coordination with the research authorities to follow up the work of the relevant research teams.
  • Prepare the forms for requesting research and evaluation and arbitration forms, amend them and update them from time to time.
  • Instruct researchers to the policies and procedures related to new environmental research requests to be funded.
  • Preparing data and reports required by the Committee for Research and Environmental Studies Strategy to evaluate research projects submitted for financing purposes and to follow up the implementation of the committee’s decisions.
  • Reviewing and checking the research budget submitted by researchers and following up matters of financial exchange with the concerned authorities.
  • Establishing regulations and procedures to support research.
  • Facilitating the mission of researchers and supporting research and overcoming research difficulties in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Implementing the studies of environmental, natural and industrial risks in the near and long term and preparing reports on the results of these studies, in coordination with the Office of Inspection, Control and Environmental Emergencies.
  • Determine environmental problems, based on the results of studies and research, and provide recommendations.
  • Monitor the results of studies and research in local and international reports and magazines, and prepare periodic reports accordingly.
  • Selection, evaluation, arbitration, and publication of various environmental publications in order to spread environmental awareness.
  • Supervising the following series of publications:
    • Environmental Awareness Series.
    • A series of environmental issues newsletters.
    • Environmental Books Series.
    • Children manuals and environment.
  • Amendment and arbitration of the regulations and systems of these publications in cooperation with specialized arbitrators.
  • Editing and reviewing environmental scientific books to be issued.

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