Strategic Planning Office

Tasks and Specializations:

  • To suggest a future vision for the General Authority for the Environment in line with the law establishing the authority, its goals, international agreements and global trends in the field of the environment.
  • Preparing a strategic plan to support the future vision of the authority, including the identification of the strategic plan for the authority’s work in the environmental, administrative and technical aspects supporting.
  • Review the annual (operational) goals of the various sectors and departments within the authority.
  • Define indicators for measuring operational and strategic goals.
  • Updating the strategic and operational plans of the organizational units based on new developments and data.
  • Developing and following up work plans and executive mechanisms to implement the strategic and operational plans.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the actual accomplishments of organizational units and comparing them with specific goals and indicators and working to overcome the difficulties they face.
  • Proposing a national institutional strategy for the transfer of environmental technology.
  • Define criteria for measuring the performance of organizational units, measuring performance and linking them to the operational goals of organizational units and comparing the performance of the authority with the performance of similar environmental institutions.
  • Monitor the implementation and implementation of administrative systems in the Environment Public Authority and ensure that they achieve the strategic and operational goals of the authority.
  • Preparing periodic reports on the development of work related to the implementation of strategic and operational plans and obstacles faced by the General Environment Authority and proposing recommendations to address them.
  • Preparing the annual work plan and budget for the Strategic Planning Office.

What is the strategic planning:

Strategic planning "is an ongoing process, not an event," it is a roadmap for what any institution wants to achieve in the next 5-10 years.

  • Clear vision
  • Analyze situation
  • Benefit from the incomes of powers
  • Better achievement

Environment public authority strategy 2020

  • Supporting the environmental lasting.
  • Supporting the social mutual partnership between all the community sections.
  • Consider the environment is the national necessity for the state.

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