Administrative Affairs Department

Tasks and specializations:

  • Implementing laws, regulations, decisions and circulars related to personnel affairs, and ensuring their correct application.
  • Preparing the Authority’s budget project in relation to the first chapter on defining the Authority’s annual needs for the workforce in its various categories and types.
  • Develop and implement effective systems for recording and maintaining transactions, correspondences and documents related to the authority's activities and activities.
  • Develop and implement systems and programs to secure the Authority’s needs in its various sectors of the various public services.
  • Inform workers of their rights and duties, regulations, systems, and administrative procedures in force in the authority.
  • Cooperating with the Civil Service Bureau in all matters related to career affairs.
  • Follow up on the departments' implementation of the planned plans and work programs.
  • Setting plans and programs necessary to estimate the Authority's needs of the workforce in all its quantitative and qualitative classifications in the light of plans and programs for the Authority and planning career paths for its employees.
  • Providing job services for the Authority’s employees, from issuing certificates to those who are interested, social insurance, and others.
  • Estimating the needs of the various organizational units in the authority from the quantity and quality of work on the workload and the objective performance rates.
  • Monitor the system of attendance and leave for workers in the Authority in a manner that ensures their good regularity in work.
  • Follow up work related to hygiene and security affairs and other services necessary for the proper functioning of the authority.
  • Providing all agencies with the authority with the statistics it needs about its employees.
  • Preparing the annual work plan and the proposed operational budget.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the activities of the administration and follow up on its work, and submit it to the Deputy Director General for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Administrative Development.