Auditing and Inspection Office

Tasks and Specializations:

  • Carrying out administrative and financial audits related to the Authority's activities.
  • Ensuring the commitment of all departments of the authority to implement the decisions, regulations and circulars issued by the authority and following up the implementation of the decisions of the Council of Ministers, the Civil Service Council, the Civil Service Bureau and the relevant Ministry of Finance.
  • Review the procedures for implementing the Authority's main financial and administrative activities, and examine and evaluate them in light of the approved financial and administrative policies.
  • Follow up on preparing the reports and notes of the commission related to responding to the reports and observations of the various oversight bodies in the country and expressing an opinion thereon.
  • Coordination and cooperation with various departments to ensure that the above statement is fully implemented.
  • Examining records and documents of all kinds and analyzing their data.
  • Developing proposals, conceptions and systems for control and inspection of all administrative, technical and executive body work.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the results of the administrative and financial review and audits of the Authority's activities and present them to the officials, stating any obstacles or difficulties that may hinder the work and propose appropriate solutions for them.
  • Any other tasks assigned to it.
  • Submit periodic reports to the General Manager on auditing and following up on performance.
  • Prepare the annual work plan and proposed operating budget for the office and present it to the general manager.