Inspection and Monitoring Department

Tasks and specializations:

  • Continuous monitoring of pollutants in the external environment, the internal environment, workplaces, industrial facilities, government and entertainment sectors, and residential areas, and studying the surrounding environmental conditions according to the work plan for the work of supervision and inspection in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Preparing technical and time programs and plans to carry out monitoring and inspection work to ensure the extent to which the various establishments meet the systems, requirements and standards issued by the authority, in cooperation with the relevant departments.
  • Conducting a field survey to identify the operating facilities in the country and collecting all data and information on those facilities to facilitate the process of follow-up and periodic inspection.
  • Carrying out field inspection visits, following up the implementation of environmental laws and requirements, and controlling and issuing environmental violations.
  • Propose appropriate solutions and appropriate plans to ensure that the various installations of environmental systems, requirements and standards are optimally applied and in line with the authority's goals and aspirations.
  • Managing the environmental inspection and control system to achieve its objectives and ensure the development of the supervisory work in the authority.
  • Follow up and direct the judicial seizure officers to supervise the follow-up of the procedures related to accepting reconciliation requests from the violating establishments and follow them in this regard, in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Working to overcome all obstacles and difficulties facing the employees granted the status of judicial seizure while carrying out the work of monitoring and inspection and providing all the requirements and means necessary for them to perform their duties in an optimal manner.
  • Submit the minutes of all attachments and documents to the Environmental Compliance Department to take the necessary action.Evaluating the supervision and inspection work in the authority and setting the appropriate proposals to develop the work and raise the level of performance.
  • Preparing reports that include the quality of deviations in the application, proposing the appropriate solutions and informing the concerned parties of the result.
  • Coordination with the authority’s departments regarding environmental monitoring.
  • Follow-up on management correspondence to the various units inside and outside the commission.
  • Preparing periodic reports and submitting them to the Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs.
  • Prepare the annual work plan and proposed operating budget for the department and present it to the Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs.