Environmental Protection Fund Office

Tasks and Specializations:

  • Organize the agenda of the Board of Directors and the dates of its sessions and communicate them to the members.
  • Print the minutes of the sessions, notify the relevant authorities of the decisions taken and follow up on their implementation.
  • Follow up the implementation of projects supported or adopted by the Fund or to which a party is a party and prepare the necessary contracts for them.
  • Follow up the administrative matters of the Fund's employees.
  • Preparing a database for the activities of the Fund.
  • Coordination and classification of the information needed by the fund's board chairman and members, organizing its circulation and archiving, and coordinating this with the competent authorities inside and outside the authority.
  • Organizing and following up the financial and accounting matters of the fund in accordance with the financial and accounting laws and instructions and following them up.
  • Create financial records and documents of exchange, record, arrest and audit.
  • Take the necessary measures to provide the needs of the office of the Environmental Protection Fund, including equipment, equipment, furniture, and succession, and the periodic and emergency maintenance needed in coordination with the relevant departments.
  • Follow up on all decisions issued by the Environmental Protection Fund Board of Directors.
  • Preparing and following up the draft regulations and procedures necessary to implement the provisions of the Environmental Protection Law in the field of the fund.
  • Study the proposed benefits granted to the investor and the national private sector and submit them to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Follow-up and evaluation of the work of subordinates and their accomplishments and work to develop and develop their capabilities.
  • Preparing periodic and annual follow-up reports on the activities and achievements of the office compared to the plan in place and submitting it to the President of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Protection Fund - General Manager.
  • Prepare the annual work plan and the operational budget of the office and present it to the President of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Protection Fund - General Manager.