Financial Affairs Department

Tasks and specializations:

  • Preparing the Authority’s budget project, issuing directives in this regard, receiving proposals from the various sectors and departments of the Authority, and coordinating between them.
  • Collection of the commission's dues.
  • Preparing the schedule and programs of financial expenditures and preparing reports on the results of the analysis to rationalize the expenditures of the Authority and its financial decisions.
  • Securing and managing the Authority's property and assets and directing arrangements and procedures for their preservation.
  • Preparing the Authority’s financial statements and final account, and presenting them to the Authority’s officials, and submitting the necessary proposals in their regard, in preparation for submitting them to the relevant external and internal parties.
  • Preparing a response to the accounts of the Audit Bureau and the Ministry of Finance on the final accounts and financial operations of the authority.
  • Keep accounting and statistical records.
  • Supervising and supervising the implementation of the budget within the authority after its approval by monitoring the exchange procedures to ensure the safety of spending on the various items, to verify all procedures financially and documentary, and to prove all operations in the different accounting records.
  • Providing the Authority with the commodity requirements, tools and devices necessary to perform the work, including procurement operations, according to the instructions and rules regulated without prejudice to the relevant laws.
  • Developing the efficiency of financial operations and cooperating with the authority’s sectors and departments to achieve fast and effective service in the performance of financial activities.
  • Prepare the work plan and draft annual estimated budget for the department and follow up on its implementation after approval.
  • Preparing periodic and annual follow-up reports on the administration's activities, achievements and the results of its work, and submitting them to the Deputy Director General for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Administrative Development, including the proposals necessary to develop the administration's work systems and programs and confronting any obstacles or problems that may interfere with the work progress.