Technical Office

Tasks and Specializations:

  • Provide legal, administrative and technical support to the leadership.
  • Contribute to setting general policies, strategies, plans and various programs appropriate for the commission's work and achieving its goal.
  • Study laws and regulations related to the environment and make any proposals related to its development.
  • Review all documents, documents and data related to the office.
  • Preparing studies of an analytical and environmental nature for the purpose of planning, follow-up and decision-making.
  • Prepare and participate in research, studies and working papers that the general manager participates in various occasions and formulate them in the light of every occasion or conference.
  • Analyze statistics and studies related to the authority’s work in all fields and present the proposed recommendations.
  • Reviewing status and environmental reports and submitting them to the General Manager.
  • Review the technical performance evaluation of the organizational units concerned with monitoring and protection matters.
  • Reviewing the reports of the relevant departments addressed to the General Manager and expressing an opinion thereon.
  • Providing a complete base of laws, decisions, regulations and circulars required by the commission’s work and organizing it in files so that it is easy to refer to it when needed.
  • Preparing reports to clarify the executive position of the workflow in the sector and follow up on the time program.
  • Setting phased plans for developing the Authority's work methods and procedures and setting time priorities for implementation.
  • To express an opinion on the issues that hinder the working procedures of the Authority.
  • Collecting data related to work procedures, converting them into information and developing scenarios to optimize their use.
  • Preparing periodic and annual follow-up reports on the activities and achievements of the office in comparison to the plan established and submitting it to the general manager.
  • Prepare the annual work plan and operational budget for the office and present it to the general manager.