Waste Management Department

Tasks and specializations:

  • Setting clear policies and adopting procedures to ensure permanent control of all activities related to waste management.
  • Monitor the sources of waste and work to control them and propose methods for dealing with these wastes in a manner that ensures the preservation of the environment.
  • Follow up the implementation of international and regional agreements in the field of transport, management, handling and disposal of waste in general and hazardous waste in particular.
  • Preparing and following up the implementation of the integrated national strategy for waste management in a country and setting timetables for monitoring its implementation with the relevant authorities.
  • Evaluating the general situation of waste management in the country and setting timetables for its development.
  • Define the sectors and areas that require preparation, development and improvement of procedures and requirements for waste in the country periodically, in cooperation with the departments of the authority and relevant state institutions.
  • Updating and developing the environmental recommendations and requirements necessary to preserve the health and safety of citizens from the risks of exposure to waste and waste in coordination with the relevant departments.
  • Exchanging information on methods of treating and disposing all kinds of waste.
  • Work to train national cadres in the field of waste management.
  • Coordination with the concerned departments to raise environmental awareness in the field of waste management.
  • Strengthening national capacities in waste management.
  • Prepare the annual work plan and proposed management budget for the department and present it to the Deputy Director General for Environmental Control Affairs.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the administration and present them to the Deputy Director General for Environmental Control Affairs.